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Amazing Bible Codes Decoder (A.B.C. Decoder) is a lite version of Bible Codes Plus, selling for only $14.95. It is a program designed for first time buyers of a Bible code program, who want to try out the codes at a moderate price, while getting about 75% of the functions of the Bible Codes Plus. The program comes in a CD, and includes an on-screen tutorial.

The Tutorial This is a great help for beginners, because it allows them to read each screen of the tutorial, and at the same time alternatively to replicate the same research step.

Informing the number of expected occurrences before beginning the search for the code. This helps the researcher to choose where to concentrate his research before investing his time in a search which might prove fruitless.

“Forcing” the user to enter the English translation of any new entered code which is not yet in the program’s My Dictionary Database. This allows the program to show the found Hebrew code showing its English translation when the matrix has been retrieved.

Being able to save a matrix This allows the user to suspend research at any moment in a matrix, save the work done till that moment, and resume the research at his own convenience by bringing the matrix back to the screen.

Being able to change the parameters of the retrieved matrix from inside the Matrix Screen This allows you, if you so wish, to retrieve more text, or less text, and to change the length of the lines.

Unlimited search within search ABC Decoder allows you to search a matrix for additional codes (which by the way can now be found also “diagonally with steps”), and do an unlimited continuous number of runs, each time with up to six new additional codes. (Click the Mark and More Additional Codes, each time, and OK only when you want to finish this search within search). This also applies when using the Identify Words feature to search within the matrix.

Automatically adding the marked additional codes and identified words to the list in the matrix, showing them with their English translation in their specified colors and geometric shapes for easy identification by “know-no-Hebrew” users.

Using the Zoom feature to increase or decrease the area of the search within the search You can use Zoom-in and Zoom-out to determine the area of the matrix where you wish to do the search within the search.

Having “stable” row and column numbers Now, it does no longer matter if you use the arrows to scroll the matrix to the right, left, up or down, because the numbers shown for rows and columns will always belong to the same row or column, thus making it very easy for two or more separate users to do simultaneous research in the same matrix.

The Proximity Ranking This makes the cluster and crossword effects practically immune to the subjective feelings of the user.

Turning the grid lines of the matrix on or off This is a great contribution to the personal preference of each user.

Identifying the location of every single letter in the matrix, feature which includes the “pop-up” of the Hebrew verse where the specified letter appears and the English translation.

Specifying the limits of the area of the visible matrix or retrieved text where we wish to do search within search. Pinpointing the area where we wish to research makes the search much more efficient, faster and productive.

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