Barack Obama Bible Code from 02/2008 - Bible Code prediction!

The Bible code software predictions antichrist Armageddon prophecy end time Barack Obama

This Bible Code found on 13/02/2008 !!!

Bible Code - Barack Obama 

Barack Obama Bible Code from 02/2008 - Bible Code prediction!

Bible Code Barack Obama will be the Next President of the United States.

According to what appears in the Bible Codes, Barack Obama is the
candidate that will become the next US President. The Bible Code
teaches us that the USA is called "Bride of the Lands/Country".

"I choose any man to be a ruler over my people". 
It is also written that 'The African shines as the soldier of millions' - "And there came against them Zerah the Cushite with an army of a million men, and three hundred chariots".
Barack Hussein Obama was born on the 4th of August 1961 in Honolulu,
Hawaii, to a black father and a white mother.
He is identical to the 16th US President, Abraham Lincoln.

Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States of America.  He won by receiving 349 US electoral votes.

Barack Obama was born on August 4th, 1961.

Barack Obama - face 

Barack Obama has a lion face with high cheekbones combined with the sign of nobility on his jaw. Obama has the gift of being seen as the 'chosen one' which is a high character that means that the man works from the shoulder up.  This characteristic allows him to befriend groups easily, and who brings with him a new and fresh vision. Someone you can trust.

He has high intelligence.  He has charm and he has a presence with the focus being on his eyes.  His face is colorful and animated which allows him to be able to speak to both the rich and poor and without prejudice to race or creed.  You can say about Obama that it's marvelous that everyone can find something about him that is similar to them.  Obama , even though he has achieved the highest position in the world, is portrayed as your average man.

He knows his ambition and dreams.  He believes that the dawn is now.  He has a vision and a dream with the power to influence - and, in some cases, he can be uncompromising in pursuit of his goals.

In the Present Period:

The rise of Barack Obama to the US presidency heralds the rise of the black candle, and in the Kabbalah it's referred to as "בוצינא דקרדינותא" (botzina dekardinota).  The sun becomes dark. It's interesting that every 28 years, the sun spins 206 times from the creation of the world.  Right now we are in the year 5768, and now we are starting the 5769 which start the 207 (Theאור  light sunrise).  (By the Kabbalist Ahron Levari)

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