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The following is a recent interchange in a forum dedicated to the search for codes in the Bible. This forum is completely independent from our web site, and has no connection with us:

S.B. wrote:

I totally believe in the Bible Code and Our God who made it. Now as far as getting ahold of a bible code program for my computer; I do not have a lot of money. I do not know Hebrew and my computer is not the latest model. I have windows 98. I saw a Bible Code 2000 advertised for 49.00 or so. Can you tell me if this is all I would need? I know that everyone has a favorite software, but I need something kind of basic but with it being as all inclusive as I can. This stuff is so very amazing, I stand in awe of such an all-knowing God. It is also heart warming to know that He cares enough to have made this for us.

J. H. answered:

If you taught yourself to use the computer, you will find it easy to run these program. It just takes patience, practica, and a little help from those already running them. The program that I would recommend is Bible Codes 2000, which you can find in http://www.biblecodesplus.com/ I had before Unlocking the Bible Codes, but there is no comparison. BC2000 is much more automated, has many more functions, and it is really user friendly.

R.T. commented:

I agree with J.H. that BC2000 is the best by far. It has the greatest features:

(1)Automatic Word Search within a matrix for thousands of words/codes.

(2)No need to know Hebrew at all.

(3) Allows you to SAVE a matrix and come back later and pick up where you left off.

(4)Pre-programmed to look for longer codes.

(5) Tons of nice flexible features many times that of all other Bible code programs I've used.

(6) User friendly as it makes sense to users how to operate it.

(7) Pre-programmed codes already found that allows you to dive right in!

(8) Price! It's a lot of bang for the buck and other programs costing more give you less.

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