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Additional Codes are user-specified words or phrases, which according to the user have a meaningful relationship to the Key Code. The program will search for them inside the retrieved matrix.

Alternative Codes
User specified words or phrases, which the user considers have a meaningful relationship to the Key Code. The program will search if they can be found in the same matrix as the Key Code.

Cluster effect
This is what we see in the matrix when meaningfully related words are in close proximity.

Alphabetical index of the words in the biblical text, indicating their location.

Crossword effect
This is what we see in the matrix when the key word is crossed horizontally or diagonally by a meaningfully related word, as in a crossword.

Equidistant skip interval
This is the equal distance, not counting spaces, between each of the letters in a sequence of letters that are the components of an encrypted code.

Expected number of ocurrences
Number of times that the Key Code will be found, (as entered and also in the reverse order of the letters), in the specified range of text according to statistics.

This is the actual number of occurrences of a specified key code found in a specified range of text in a previously specified minimum and maximum number of skip intervals.

Key Code
User specified word or phrase that the program will search to verify if it is encrypted.

Two-dimensional array of text with no spaces between words. Its lines are the same length of the skip interval of the found Key Code, which appears in a vertical column in the center.

This is the ratio of the probability of an event occurring to the probability of its not occurring. The higher the Odds, the less the probabilities that the occurrence of the event was caused by random factors.

This is the visual distance between the Key Code and any other code or word in the retrieved matrix. The theory states that the closer these pairings are, i.e. the more compact their visual cluster effect, the greater their significance. Dr. Jeffrey Satinover in his book, Cracking the Bible Code , states the following: there is a tendency for meaningfully related words to show the cluster effect, appearing in the array more closely together than unrelated words .

Standard Deviation
This is a measure of the variability (dispersion or spread) of any set of numerical values about their arithmetic mean. In plain language, Standard Deviation is the difference between the Expected Number of Occurrences and the number of occurrences actually found.

Statistical Significance
This phrase means that the Standard Deviation is too high (and consequently the Odds) to attribute the results to pure chance.

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