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Bible Code Software The Keys to the Bible

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Bible Code Plus BC2000
Bible code predictions
Search the Bible without any knowledge of Hebrew for encoded events and names, including your own and your families. Past, present and future events, encoded 3,000 years ago in the Bible Can now be decoded by computer!
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Exclusive "Know-no-Hebrew" technology opens the Bible Codes to millions of English speaking people! Bible Codes 2000 uses the same process of equidistant skip intervals, discovered by the codes encrypted in the Hebrew Scriptures, with the addition of a unique, amazing feature; Automatic translation from English to Hebrew and from Hebrew to English! This is allows the English speaking user to search the Hebrew text without any knowledge of Hebrew.

The user enters an English search word, the program automatically translates it to Hebrew, searches the text, and retrieve the Hebrew codes found and shows their English translation!

With the Bible Codes Plus you can search the Bible for any event or name, including your own or your families!(Bible Prediction,Prophecy) You can enter any English word or name, and Bible Codes plus will translate or transliterate it to Hebrew and search to see if it is encoded in the Bible.

When the code is found, the program tells you list of all the Hebrew words found in close proximity and shows their English translation. The Bible Code program includes a powerful bilingual English / Hebrew - Hebrew / English dictionary, a user expandable bilingual dictionary, a list of 2000 biblical names and bilingual list over 3000 first names.

Bible Codes Plus is a generation ahead of any other codes program. The latest version of Bible Codes Plus has been designed for advanced researchers and scholars but beginners will also enjoy working with it, because, in the words of a software reviewer, "Bible Codes Plus is a masterpiece of simplicity".

A unique Bible program that allows you to enter your name and your family s and where in the Bible they are encoded. Unique automatic translation feature opens the Bible Codes to millions of English speaking people!

"BC plus is a joy to work with and is an excellent example of software engineering. I am sure the hand of the Lord God of hosts was influential in its design. J.S. West Manchester, Ohio"

Bible Codes Plus BC2000 software, top ranked program.
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