Hebrew English translation software-TARGUMATIK  PRO

Targumatik pro Hebrew English translation software

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Targumatik pro-Hebrew English translation software
Breakthrough program! With Targumatik pro your computer will translate text automatically from English to Hebrew, and back again into English. Taking into account the rules of grammar, it produces a draft translation, which you can edit and polish. Although its best use is with a Hebrew supporting word processor, the program, using its own Hebrew font can also translate and paste Hebrew text into your non-Hebrew supporting word processor.

TRANSLATION AND REFERENCE PACKGE: Targumatik 2000 is a bi-directional translation program designed for students, business people, and letter writers. It includes reference tools: dictionaries and verb tables. The program uses advanced technology to translate English documents into Hebrew, and vice verca, Automatically producing a sentence-by-sentence draft translation.

INTERACTIVE WITH YOUR WORD PROCESSOR: Traumatik works under Windows, independently or interactively with you word processor or internet web browser: copy text to the clipboard, translate it with Traumatik is an invaluable help in quickly translating sentences, phrases and even full documents.

HELP YOU TO STUDY HEBREW: Improve your Hebrew and/or English with the included Reference Tools. These contain bilingual dictionaries, with synonyms, antonyms, expressions and thousands of fully conjugated tables of English and Hebrew verbs. Open-ended dictionaries allow you to add more words to use in the translation process.

A Hebrew translator in your computer! You can now get in seconds a fully understandable machine draft translation of any text from English to Hebrew, and vice versa. Targumatik 2000, the program used in Israel by all leading corporations, universities, government institutions, the army, and thousands of individual users, can now be also acquired in an overseas version suitable for non-Hebrew Windows!.

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